On July 10, 2010 Lewis and Marcella Harvey, Larry and Stacy Medcalf were on a ride home from Akron, Ohio after attending a concert featuring Lonnie Weaver and Genesis from Alabama.  The topic of discussion centered around bringing Rev. Weaver and his group to the tri-state area of Southern Ohio, West Virginia and Kentucky.   October was the preferred month for the concert,  which just happened to be Breast Cancer Awareness and Domestic Violence Awareness Month.  After much discussion, we would have a breast cancer awareness event as this would also mark Stacy's fifth year cancer free.  Stacy's sister, Alberta, had a desire to promote Domestic Violence Awareness, so that too was incorporated into the event.  Marcella was dealing with caregiving for her husband, Lewis (who had recently endured a severe sickle cell bout and was hospitalized for eight months) and both of her parents.  Dealing with Alzheimer's was incorporated into the plans.  In August, Larry would be admitted to the hospital suffering a heart attack and several weeks after that developed blood clots in his leg.   The visits to KDMC would prove to be more than correcting Larry's cardiac conditions, it provided the professionals and the resources that we needed to promote cardiac awareness as a part of the event.   The final result of the desire to have a concert and sponsor an awareness event gave birth to our slogan "Whatever your Cause-Support it."  Because we had so many personal health issues that were prevalent in our lives, it was suggested "The Cause" would be the name of the event.  A trip into the local Cancer Society to gather items for grab bags would be the motivation behind promoting resource awareness because of Stacy's lack of knowledge of resources that were available to aide in her breast cancer journey. 
The Cause was born after much brainstorming and ultimately grew into a four day event September 30-October 3, 2010 - with events held in Huntington, WV; Ashland, KY, Charleston, WV and Burlington, Ohio. 
Professionals in the areas of cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer's, domestic violence, hospice, cardiac care, addiction, hospice and insurance for cancer and cardiac care were all on board to enlighten individuals on what resources they offered.  Professional musicians Rev. Kenton Rogers and Rev. Lonnie Weaver and Genesis, along with area musicians from the Tri-State area were also on hand. 
Visionaries such as the American Cancer Society and the Providence Regular Missionary Baptist Association, Inc. helped to sponsor our initial event.
In the months following, The Cause assisted several individuals with resource assistance with the help of several foundations and organizations.  Recipients have spanned from North Carolina, Louisiana, Alabama, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Kentucky and Ohio.
In February 2011, we received our Charter with the State of Ohio, as well as our Non-Profit status from the IRS. 
We are in our third year and have strived to bring awareness to our communities, as well as encourage individuals and families who are going through difficult times.   It is our prayer that we make a difference in the lives of others and that God would bless our efforts as we lean on him for direction.
"Our goal is to bridge the gap between the patient and the provider."
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