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We desire to lift up your family in prayer. Please fill in the comment box above to share on our prayer list. If we can be of any other assistance to you, please let us know. 

Please keep my son in your prayers his name is Charles Medley hes 24 yrs old diagnosed with lymphona started chemo 2 weeks ago but i know that god can heal his body ....Kay James

(Thank you for all of you who offered your prayers for Charles. He is doing fine.)


Father in Heaven, we come petitioning and interceding on behalf of those who stand in the need of a touch from you. We trust and believe in your word, for you said you were our very present help in the time of trouble. Many are troubled with sickness, disease, addiction, mental illness, financial distress, homelessness and so many other troubles of this world. We ask that you would touch them in a mighty way. Allow them to know that you have not left them, nor have you forsaken them. We pray for those who don't know you. We pray that they will submit their spirits to your spirit and come to know you as Lord. Please accept our prayer, in Jesus' name. Amen

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